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Book Loss Prevention System

It is a system for preventing unauthorized export and theft of library materials. It has excellent detection rang
to its design and layout to increase recognition rate of RFID TAGs.

Book Loss Prevention System(Wide Dual)

  • Model Name : EZ-4812RA
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23966805

Book Loss Prevention System(Wide Single)

  • Model Name : EZ-4810RA
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23632743

Book Loss Prevention System (Dual)

  • Model Name : EZ-4822RA
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23966803

13.56MHz RFID System

Book Loss Prevention System (Dual)

Product Design

Pop-up window notification opens on librarian's PC when books are taken out without authorization.
Information on the bibliographic information (registration number, book name, time, etc.) of the book is sent to the manager‘s PC.

Antenna Built-in 13.56 MHz RFID Antenna
Warning Light Notification Warning Light
Alerting function is provided through flashing warning lights when unauthorized export books are detected.
Control Unit Equipped with an RFID Reader
Antenna Sensitivity Control Unit
Entrance/Exit Sensor / Entry Counter Displays the Number of Traffic.
Sensors are mounted on both sides of the aisle to detect traffic.
Energy is saved by enabling the reader to operate when user traffic is detected.
Floor Plate Integrated Floor Plate for Antenna Support and Floor Protection
The floor plate can be removed depending on the installation location.
Appearance Size 1,742mm(H) X 100mm(W) X 700mm(D)(±10)
Material/Color Clear Acrylic, ABS, Steel
White, Transparent
Operating Environment and Configuration Power AC 200~240V / 50~60Hz
Reader Feig Reader (Long Range Reader)
Anti-Collision 20 +/sec
Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
Recognition Distance Width 0 mm~ 1,600 mm
100 - 1,700 mm from the floor
Passage Width Around 1,600 mm
Protocol ISO 15693 Support / ISO 18000-3 Support
Interface RS-232C, LAN, or Bluetooth Wireless Device
Sensor Traffic Detection Sensor
Peripherals Control Box
Supporting Footrest
Current Status of Certificates Broadcasting Communication Equipment Certificate