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Library Inspector

It is composed of an RFID reader and a portable PC, and is a system that allows the user to easily and quickly identify and check library collections, and check information about the inspection of search targets, misplaced data, search completion, and irregular status on one screen.

Library Inspector (tablet PC based)

  • Model Name : EZ-560M
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23261930

Library Inspector (laptop-based)

  • Model Name : EZ-500RH
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 20873694

13.56MHz RFID System

Library Inspector (tablet PC based)

Supports simple and quick work with 12-inch tablet PC and slim wireless hand reader.

Appearance Size 150mm(H) X 390mm(W) X 30mm(D) (±10)
Material Aluminum
Operating Environment and Configuration Monitor Approximately 12 inches
OS Windows 10
Reader Wireless RFID Reader
Battery High-capacity Rechargeable Battery
Interface RS-232C, USB, WLAN, Compact Flash Type Memory
Protocol ISO 15693 / 18000-3
Frequency Band 13.56MHz